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 Hello, Thanks for stopping by my page. I have been doing music all my life. I started out in church singing in my youth choir. For my X - Mas presents growing up my family would by me musical instruments, casio beat recorders, dual tape decks, drums. etc. I learned to play piano by ear, but never knew that i would jump into the music game. I was 20 when my neighbor told me he was going to start a rap group and wanted me to be their manager.I was like cool. Soon after i made my 1st song in 1994 "don't jock dem hoes". Soon after i made a song for University of Kentucky when they had the comeback cats. Then shortly after that i started my label Country Boy Entertainment Inc.I started signing people in my hometown to demo deals. At one time i had 16 artist signed to my label. It began to be to much so i had a plan to close down my barber shop and studio and move to Northern Kentucky to pursue my degree inTV/Radio Broadcast Communications. Over the coarse of my music career i have worked with alot of talented artist. On this site is a variety of works. If you wanna collab or need production Reach out to me

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Christine Rose
Christine Rose | on April 26, 2012

Hello could you check out my music please

Da Natural Beast
Da Natural Beast | on October 21, 2011

hello check me out and let me know what you think


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