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Rising from the Real Dirty South, Nubia Emmon is THE BREAKOUT artist to watch. With R&B music that is youthful, upbeat, yet melodic, and captures the fun spirit of hip-hop, this multi-talented singer/rapper, dancer and songwriter is poised to bring a fresh sound to the music industry.

Nubia has a socially conscious side and plans to use her talent in music to give back to her community through The Nubia Emmon Foundation, which will focus on building healthy relationships within families, motivating and serving youth and supporting healthy lifestyles. A senior in high school, Nubia has managed to keep her 4.0 gpa and sing in the choir. Because her workload has increased, she currently resides between Atlanta, Georgia and Austin, Texas.

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ividztv | on June 18, 2012

Awesome voice and great videos! Keep it up!


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