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Castle Pines – “1996” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/

As the title may suggest, “1996” is a highly nostalgic ode of sorts — a melancholic “throwback to youth and growing up, accenting on the differences between the simplicity of another time.” The highly melodic alt-rock...

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Orchin – “Dark” + “Wasting Time” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

If you’re a fan of guitar-forward jangle-pop tracks with a relatively nocturnal vibe (Wild Nothing’s Nocturne accomplished that, apt title and all), then you’re really going to dig Orchin. The LA-based project, featuring songs written and produced by Jeremy McLennan, plans to release several songs this summer, starting with “Dark” and “Wasting Time”. The project […] The post Orchin – “Dark” + “Wasting Time” appeared first on .

Collin Cairo – “Junkyard Moondog” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

Collin Cairo’s individual style sounds very alive, featuring “analogue synths, unconventional guitar, operatic vocals, and Jamaican dub samples with a retro-futuristic homme fatale sound”, whose memorable sound combines nicely with some very Panda Bear-like hypnotic vocals and atmospheric hooks. Both worldly exotic flair and modern glitch-laden electronica converge for a futuristic and infectious result on […] The post Collin Cairo – “Junkyard Moondog” appeared first on .

Castle Pines – “1996” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

As the title may suggest, “1996” is a highly nostalgic ode of sorts — a melancholic “throwback to youth and growing up, accenting on the differences between the simplicity of another time.” The highly melodic alt-rock anthem from Corona, CA-based Castle Pines rides smoothly on twangy guitars and subdued vocals during the verses, while the chorus […] The post Castle Pines – “1996” appeared first on .

Native Gold – “Fickle” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

LA-based electronic project Native Gold is comprised of longtime friends Lee Young and Michael Weeks, both originally from South Euclid, Ohio. They began sharing tidbits from their debut EP A Man We All Admire in late 2015, drawing acclaim from the likes of the previously featured Son Lux, who called the track “Begun to Begin” […] The post Native Gold – “Fickle” appeared first on .

Cole Randall – “Our Golden Years” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

Cole Randall’s “Our Golden Years” evolves from a barren acoustical stride and Randall’s airy vocals into a rousing development of evolving percussion, symphonic flourishes, and backing vocal expansion. Randall’s voice resembles Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste in tone, while his songwriting expansiveness and buildup-friendly gravitation brings to mind Girls’ Christopher Owens. Comparisons aside, “Our Golden Years” […] The post Cole Randall – “Our Golden Years” appeared first on .

Eagle I Stallian & Quilla – “Get It Right” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

Although Eagle I Stallian are generally more known in hard-rock circles and Quilla is an electronic producer/lyricist, both projects converged for a very beautiful result with the track “Get It Right”, “a powerful piece about what makes us human, inspires us to love, and drives us to push forward.” With Quilla writing the lyrics (as […] The post Eagle I Stallian & Quilla – “Get It Right” appeared first on .

Digit + Stas – “Doors” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

“Doors” is a delightfully haunting effort from Digit + Stas, the Brooklyn-based project who was previously featured with their track “Where“. The ghostly croon, warped bass, and string/synth interplay again reminds of Massive Attack, with Nastasia Avrutin’s vocal performance showing tremendous strength throughout, and especially starting at 02:10 when her spine-chilling croon combines beautifully with the […] The post Digit + Stas – “Doors” appeared first on .

Jo Marches – “The Night” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

Jo Marches is led by Johanneke Kranendonk, a Netherlands-based songwriter who is inspired by a variety of decades and styles, ranging from the “experimental ’70s” to “pop and R&B of the ’90s and the likes of Tame Impala, Portishead and Lykke Li.” This smorgasbord of diverse influences plays well on new single “The Night”, off […] The post Jo Marches – “The Night” appeared first on .


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