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Tumbler – “Break Or Fall” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/

Strong acoustical strums and string cries set “Break Or Fall” into motion, projecting a majestic quality somewhat similar to the Pumpkins’ “Tonight, Tonight”. And like that, the anthemic percussion remains with the full...

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People Flavor – “There Isn’t” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

Back in 2013 I was impressed by a submission from The Gloss, whose sound combined the sleek punchy garage-rock of The Strokes with the trashy drugged-out glam touch of Suede’s Dog Man Star era. I didn’t hear much beyond their track “Words“, but their sound made me very intrigued nonetheless. I haven’t heard much from […] The post People Flavor – “There Isn’t” appeared first on .

The Edward Furlongs – “Nagasaki” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

Cool by The Edward Furlongs The Edward Furlongs are a duo from New Jersey with a particularly sharp sound. Their brisk new track “Nagasaki” touts some Beirut-like brass flourishes over anthemic vocals and playful guitar schematics; the hybrid of guitars, synths, and brass just prior to the two-minute mark shows the sound’s potential, as does the […] The post The Edward Furlongs – “Nagasaki” appeared first on .

Tumbler – “Break Or Fall” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

Strong acoustical strums and string cries set “Break Or Fall” into motion, projecting a majestic quality somewhat similar to the Pumpkins’ “Tonight, Tonight”. And like that, the anthemic percussion remains with the full orchestra seeping in during the chorus. It’s quite a complementary comparison, as “Break Or Fall” seems to be attempting something similarly stadium-sized […] The post Tumbler – “Break Or Fall” appeared first on .

Catholic Radio – “Rain Is Done” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

“Rain Is Done” is an exceptional track from Catholic Radio, an indie-rock group originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma that includes three brothers. Mellow keys and a bustling prog-rock assortment of guitars set up for an intro that reminds me fondly of The Wrens, immediately hooking me in. The serene vocals that follow, alongside the steady percussion […] The post Catholic Radio – “Rain Is Done” appeared first on .

SQRD – “Beast” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

SQRD is an electronic duo based in Berlin and Stockholm. Influenced by the likes of Caribou and Weval, SQRD’s new single “Beast” shows an impressive atmospheric construction with a knack for both melody and hypnotic build-ups. The beginnings of “Beast” show a developing atmosphere. An ominous synth choir combines with a booming bass drum and […] The post SQRD – “Beast” appeared first on .

Michael Cullen – “Cha Cha Cha D’Amour” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

I’ve featured veteran Australian singer-songwriter Michael Cullen in the past, specifically the tracks “Nothing Special” and “Do You Believe?“. Both were fine representations of what makes Cullen’s music so appealing; his strong baritone and deep atmospheric tendencies results in an emotional yet hook-laden rock sound reminiscent of Aussie greats The Church, who Cullen worked with since […] The post Michael Cullen – “Cha Cha Cha D’Amour” appeared first on .

Oh! Mega! – “Vagaries” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

NYC-based quintet Oh! Mega! flaunt a refreshing sound that reminds me of a cross between Massive Attack’s sensuous soundscapes and Janelle Monae’s jazz-leaning versatility. “Vagaries” is a stellar track that rides on many enjoyable aspects. I’m particularly fond of the instrumental bridge around 01:30 with its slick keys and guitar skiffle, before launching again into […] The post Oh! Mega! – “Vagaries” appeared first on .

Hollywood Principle – “Firework” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

I know I’m not alone in my Rocket League obsession. The game – where players maneuver a rocket-powered car under soccer-esque rules – has become a hit on both PC and PS4 since its July 7th release. There are usually over 100,000 players on it at once! I strongly recommend it to anyone who enjoys sports games or […] The post Hollywood Principle – “Firework” appeared first on .


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