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Valipala – “Candygram” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/

“Candygram” is heartfelt and nostalgic, another successful track from NYC-based act Valipala, recently featured with “Love of My Life“. Again pursuing soulful orchestral-laden arrangements, as they do throughout their...

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Valipala – “Candygram” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

“Candygram” is heartfelt and nostalgic, another successful track from NYC-based act Valipala, recently featured with “Love of My Life“. Again pursuing soulful orchestral-laden arrangements, as they do throughout their excellent new EP Mango City (streaming in full below), “Candygram” begins minimally with a twinkling, minimalist melody that aptly – considering the track’s throwback thematic background […] The post Valipala – “Candygram” appeared first on .

Headclouds – “Seen It Before” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

Premiered on BBC Radio 1 by Phil Taggart last night, “Seen It Before” is a blissful new track from Newcastle-based act Headclouds. Their second release, the track is another peek at their forthcoming debut EP Pure Honey, after their debut track “Flowers”. “Seen It Before” pursues a straightforward and catchy rock approach in the first […] The post Headclouds – “Seen It Before” appeared first on .

GEO – “Better” (feat. Gabriela Francesca, Rex Mac) Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

Colorful and melodic, “Better” is the third single from LA-based indie R&B/hip-hop producer GEO. Featuring the sugary-sweet vocals of Gabriela Francesca and a lush hip-hop addition from Boston-based rapper Rex Mac, “Better” rides on glistening keys initially, expanding into a hip-hop-laden rhythmic accompaniment alongside the welcome emergence of Francesca’s vocals just past the 30-second mark. […] The post GEO – “Better” (feat. Gabriela Francesca, Rex Mac) appeared first on .

RHYNE – “Cynthy” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

RHYNE – an experimental hip-hop and future synth producer based in Silver Lake, Los Angeles – pursues a successful, trippy sound on new track “Cynthy”, where chillwave-induced atmospheric synths mesh with an infectious rhythm section and wistful vocals. Fitting comfortably in a niche akin to Toro y Moi and Washed Out, though with a bit […] The post RHYNE – “Cynthy” appeared first on .

Shane Tully – “I Would Not Be Wise” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Shane Tully impressed in 2014 with his debut EP Forward to the Rain, a lush stylistic showing of spacious guitar and piano alongside a steady rhythm section touching on folk, pop, and rock. Tully is presently finishing up his first full-length album, Phantom Followed, recorded in his hometown Baltimore. Tully has already released […] The post Shane Tully – “I Would Not Be Wise” appeared first on .

White Kite – “Devil’s Pact” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

London-based trio White Kite show a haunting, entrancing sound on new track “Devil’s Pact”. The vocals of frontman Louis Shadwick grow from an ominous croon in the synth arpeggio-led verses – cautioning “another storm has come” – into a high-scaling burst of emotion during the hook, where glistening keys and the sporadic washing of a […] The post White Kite – “Devil’s Pact” appeared first on .

Orlon Gunner – “Carousel” + “Closer” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

Canadian multimedia artist Robert Bernard Armieri is a man of various talents. His multimedia company Northern Recorders has created in various mediums, from mobile games (Chewy Train) to a niche true crime/real estate website (Housecreep). He has also worked as a filmmaker of short films, with some of his films being picked up by Ouat […] The post Orlon Gunner – “Carousel” + “Closer” appeared first on .

Rex Wang – “Rexhits” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

Born and raised in Shanghai, Rex Wang (Rexhits) shows a knack for cohesive hooks in his songwriting, which embraces the retro and modern aspects of pop and rock. Rex will release his debut album on January 22nd. It’s preceded by the track “Rexhits”, a suave rocker that moves from quaint verses – featuring subdued vocals […] The post Rex Wang – “Rexhits” appeared first on .


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