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Roladex – “Glass Statuette” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/

When I posted Roladex’s excellent track “Anthem for the Micro-Age” in February, I fell in love with the duo’s clear adoration for vintage synth-pop, particularly the sort with nonchalant vocals, Kraftwerk-ian synths, and...

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Red Cabin – “Right This Way” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

Right This Way by Red Cabin Red Cabin is the pop/rock/experimental solo project from Jonathan Foster, whose new album Right This Way is a collection of nonstop infectiousness and original pop songwriting. With playful guitars, loopy synths, and melodic vocals, his approach is fondly reminiscent of underrated power-pop group Ozma. It doesn’t take long for the album to get […] The post Red Cabin – “Right This Way” appeared first on .

Chimpshed A.D. – “When We Levitate” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

UK duo Chimpshed A.D. have unleashed more crunchy, colorful, and infectious psych-rock goodness with new track “When We Levitate”. Whereas previously featured effort “Was I There” featured a more contemplative, somewhat stoned take on engaging psych-rock, “When We Levitate” is a more energetic and charismatic offering. A bouncy bass line and jungle-set vocal backings and percussion […] The post Chimpshed A.D. – “When We Levitate” appeared first on .

Vajra – “Blind” (Blood Mix) Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

NYC-based group Vajra blend elements of alternative and art-rock with a distinctive East Indian touch. Centered around frontwoman Annamaria Pinna, who uses her synesthesia to bring a new component to her songwriting, Vajra has been developing a following ever since they sold out their first show in November 2011 at The Bowery Electric. Since then, appearances at […] The post Vajra – “Blind” (Blood Mix) appeared first on .

2Pac – “Dear Mama” (Boehm Remix) Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

The heavy bass drum and key trickles on Boehm’s remix of 2Pac’s “Dear Mama” quickly establish a delightfully tropical feel. The intro is excellent, alluring and quite different from the original’s smooth finishes — just as a quality remix should be. The primary beat is reminiscent of Swedish pop groups like Air France and The Tough Alliance, […] The post 2Pac – “Dear Mama” (Boehm Remix) appeared first on .

Paul Maged – “Look At Me” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

“Look At Me” is a solid example of personality flowing through quality songwriting. In this case, the track from NYC rock singer/songwriter Paul Maged shows an outspoken and passionate frontman in the vein of The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn or The Pixies’ Frank Black. Maged’s new album, Diamonds & Demons, explores a “wide range of concepts, social issues […] The post Paul Maged – “Look At Me” appeared first on .

Roladex – “Glass Statuette” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

When I posted Roladex’s excellent track “Anthem for the Micro-Age” in February, I fell in love with the duo’s clear adoration for vintage synth-pop, particularly the sort with nonchalant vocals, Kraftwerk-ian synths, and robotic rhythms. Parts Pet Shop Boys, parts Magnetic Fields, and part Kraut-rock/post-punk hybrids of the ’70s and ’80s,  Roladex’s sound will inspire nostalgia just […] The post Roladex – “Glass Statuette” appeared first on .

Carlie de Boer – “Private Parts” (feat. Maceo Paisley) Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

It takes a lot for pop music to wow me, especially with so much bland pop music on the radio these days. So when I stumble across something good in the pop music spectrum, I think it’s worth mentioning. Recently, in terms of mainstream material, it’s been in the form of Charli XCX — just listen […] The post Carlie de Boer – “Private Parts” (feat. Maceo Paisley) appeared first on .

The Boy From The Crowd – “Revelator” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

The Boy From The Crowd is a duo from East London comprised of singer/songwriter/guitarist Vinny Piana and drummer Vegas Ivy, who met over closely aligned musical influences. Piana previously worked throughout Europe and the UK as a touring and studio guitarist, in addition to scoring soundtracks for indie films like LoveSexy. Now, with Vegas’ pounding drums, […] The post The Boy From The Crowd – “Revelator” appeared first on .


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