Wiz Khalifa ft. Ekko - Real Niggaz Ekko

Wiz Khalifa feat Ekko "Live NI$$AZ!!! Seriously...a collabo with Wiz Khalifa??? Not even signed yet! Come on EKKO is making moves...BEST UNSIGNED ARTIST!!! Get behind the movement spread the word!!! Lets GO! @youngancient

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Dennise Jimenez
We let the metal clap and make you pedal back wait ya face will break and ya head crack' hars asf
True taylorss in the buildingg.
B Hennessy
cant fuck wit wiz
Taylor Green
oh yeahh..wayyyyy better then black and yellow
Wiz And Ekko... What a beautiful thang!!! I hear the Frizzyness in the beat to Holla!!!!
di5 5hit 9o 5tupid hard
wow ekko yourrrrr crazyyyyyyy
i would love if wiz still made tunes like this nowadays
This beat goes hard.
Darris Anderson
dis shit str8 fire
@pardizzle21 Thank you im sick of hearin how good wayne is when he blows more then the people he rolls with. Wiz is the future of a new movement of rap. Tweet-Style TAYLOR GANG OR FIGHT TONY JAA BITCH!

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