"WhatCha Say.?"- Angel-Khalil COVER Angel Khalil

Made Famous By Jason Derulo

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wait. if ms. marvel isn't in this universe, how can rogue fly? because aside from the captain america stuff, nothing else really exist here
Everyone saying they let the series hang are wrong, watch all the movies that came out right after X-men Evolution from 2000-2014 (X men 1 and 2, last stand, first class, and days of future past): Xavier foreshadows the events of each movie at the end of this episode, (the final season finale), to give us a hint about the events of each movie. DUH!
Boris Drumev
This show is a serious case of "style" over substance. Just for once I would like a series, that takes itself seriously and at least tries to be realistic in their depictions of it's protagonists instead of this lazy ass nonsence. Otherwise we might have to hand this case over to the parody dubbers. Where's Little Kuriboh at?
Chantell Henry
Thats it? After Xavier said all that how do they not expect us to ask for more?! :( I'm sad that this is over. Any suggestions on what to watch next?
Vera-Chan 2604
is this the final episode in the final season xD ???
Gaming 4 Life(Tylerman)
And that is why Rogue is the best. She saved the friggin world. She will always be the best superhero
You know what? Why can't anyone just appreciate both the original X-Men: The Animated Series and X-Men: Evolution without comparing the two? They were still both the X-Men just looked at different perspectives.
fanatge smilez
i wished they made season 5
They really need to make one final season, or just enough episodes to tie everything up. Even if they can't get the same voice actors for each character, I still think that would be pretty awesome.
Halo Destiny
I just can't believe i wont get to see any of my favorite characters anymore :(
That's some advanced technology from 5000 years ago. I grew up with this so I still like it the best but my friend says the original X-Men cartoon is better?

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