"WhatCha Say.?"- Angel-Khalil COVER Angel Khalil

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Erica Rice
Kinda wish they'd given us another season with the future storyline Xavier glimpsed. Especially the Phoenix
Barbie Koolaid
I am going to cry I finished every single last episode please marvel make more! PLEASE and with the same outfits and personality's this is my favorite x men series please make more!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
It just seems to me that Xavier relied too much on the x-men throughout the series. He always gets kidnapped and needs rescuing and shit. I wanted him to be more like the boss daddy he was meant to be, and the final battle should've been between him and Apocalypse. Instead we get this random mutant kid out of nowhere with the convenient power to save the world. I know the show's intent is more of "the future lies within our own generation" , so the team always saves the day, and Xavier is just there to guide them make the right choices. But on a big scale battle like this one with apocalypse, Xavier should've been the main savior, just my thoughts.
Hormer Fitzgerald
so wth happened to Xavier's son storyline.....that Mucus dude
Rain JK
I was satisfied with the ending although I personally believe Wanda and Pedro should have followed their fathers footsteps and become good. I really think Marvel should consider perhaps bringing back this show, just an idea, start a partition maybe? But unlike most series, again, I'm very excepting of this ones ending! Good job marvel!
Dale Phoenix
I wish they'd really try to make a 5th season. If season 5 didn't get cancel, they would have focused on Jean Grey and the phoenix, rogue and scott would have been in a relationship and Jean would've died.
wait. if ms. marvel isn't in this universe, how can rogue fly? because aside from the captain america stuff, nothing else really exist here
I hate how they made the Scarlet Witch so whiny and weak in this episode. She was so badass when she first appeared in the series, but here she's completely useless
I wonder how this didn't get one or two more seasons. This show even won an Emmy for crying out loud.
Abudi Rasheed
The best cartoon in my life by the way I love gambit
"Hey Kids! You wanna see a season 5 of this show? F*ck you, that's not going to happen! Suck Our 3 Foot Long Schongstrockers!!" - Fox Kids

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