"WhatCha Say.?"- Angel-Khalil COVER Angel Khalil

Made Famous By Jason Derulo

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maxwell jones
Well time to rewatch the entire series. See you guys at episode 1.
I hate how they made the Scarlet Witch so whiny and weak in this episode. She was so badass when she first appeared in the series, but here she's completely useless
Erica Rice
Kinda wish they'd given us another season with the future storyline Xavier glimpsed. Especially the Phoenix
Dale Phoenix
I wish they'd really try to make a 5th season. If season 5 didn't get cancel, they would have focused on Jean Grey and the phoenix, rogue and scott would have been in a relationship and Jean would've died.
Everyone saying they let the series hang are wrong, watch all the movies that came out right after X-men Evolution from 2000-2014 (X men 1 and 2, last stand, first class, and days of future past): Xavier foreshadows the events of each movie at the end of this episode, (the final season finale), to give us a hint about the events of each movie. DUH!
Gaming 4 Life(Tylerman)
And that is why Rogue is the best. She saved the friggin world. She will always be the best superhero
the final fight should include Gambit, Moonstar, Pyro, the Morlocks, X-23, Forge and Agatha. 
I feel kinda bad for Mystique, evil or not she is still a mother and I think since she wasn't being a good one before she wanted to try now 
Chantell Henry
Thats it? After Xavier said all that how do they not expect us to ask for more?! :( I'm sad that this is over. Any suggestions on what to watch next?
Simone Galesloot
Such a pity we never came to see this version of the Phoenix Saga...
What a great show, too bad it had to be cut short this soon. 

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