"WhatCha Say.?"- Angel-Khalil COVER Angel Khalil

Made Famous By Jason Derulo

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Alex Heath
nah fam.
Halo Destiny
I just can't believe i wont get to see any of my favorite characters anymore :(
Where's the hulk. He would smash Apocalypse to pieces because hes the strongest there is. 
Bruce Wayne
was that the planned ending? or did they plan to go on but were denied another season. cause it kinda looks as though they were building up to somethign
Linda George
the last episode! BOO HOO!!
Amazing show.
This is one of my favorite shows. :D
Why Jean? Why does she have to be the bad girl in the future! :( You Marvel! XD. I love Jean so much :( Her and Scott are so cute seriously. It could have been anybody, why Jean :(? Bouhouhouh
radu nitescu
Why did the rain water electrified sam? It doesnt have salt...
Dickbag Anti-Mage
I believe my heart just got punched by Feels
Sophia AdhikaRi
why isnt gambit here? :(

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