Cannibal Carib - Darker Place - Feat; Jakob22 - Official Video Jakob22

3rd Official Video From Cannibal Carib Feat; Jakob22 Jakob22 appears courtesy of Insomnia Music Recorded by JNyce Video by Concrete Films

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kaihao tian
this does need more views
bernardo gonzalez
You should make a song with Kidcrusher it would be so dope!!!!! Whoop whoop Love your music
Dogpatch Genural
Good Shit Fam,Oklahoma City,OK......6......Whoop-Whoop!
Spyder Fangz
WHOOP WHOOP,NINJA!!!! motherfucker spits like a cobra!!
kaihao tian
this is so coooooool
Ed Shivers
whoop whoop ninja juggalos
raven psycho
damn nigga spits raw mcl whoop whoop
Dizzy Manson
Anyone know if this dude has any albums out, and if so, Where to get them ?
Arhum Amin
He's good he could make it to psychopathic 
marocain life
Alan Mills
how am i just now seeing this? where the fuck have i been? shit is DOPE AS FUCK!

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