Cannibal Carib - Darker Place - Feat; Jakob22 - Official Video Jakob22

3rd Official Video From Cannibal Carib Feat; Jakob22 Jakob22 appears courtesy of Insomnia Music Recorded by JNyce Video by Concrete Films

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Ed Shivers
whoop whoop ninja juggalos
Spyder Fangz
WHOOP WHOOP,NINJA!!!! motherfucker spits like a cobra!!
Raven phsyco
damn nigga spits raw mcl whoop whoop
Dizzy Manson
Anyone know if this dude has any albums out, and if so, Where to get them ?
Arhum Amin
He's good he could make it to psychopathic 
Alan Mills
how am i just now seeing this? where the fuck have i been? shit is DOPE AS FUCK!
sloth albino
whoop whoop
marocain life
That Jakob dude isn't as cool as this Jakob dude <------ But I like it.
thats was shit and not in a good way just lame

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