(Money Outta Bitches) M.O.B (by Low Life & Pone) Pone

Kriminal Recordz presents: Low Life & Pone. http://twitter.com/kriminalrecordz http://twitter.com/lo_sleazy http://twitter.com/_Pone_ http://www.kriminalrecordz.com Download the new Raw & uncut Street-Tape from Pone by clicking the link below. http://www.datpiff.com/pop-mixtape-download.php?id=m583c7d1 Download "The French Connection: (Vol 1. Voodoun Haze)" by clicking the link below. http://www.datpiff.com/Low-Life-The-French-Connection-vol-1-Voodoun-Haze-mixtape.145395.html

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yall some goons fam! keepin the shit so real n so hood from a commercial approach, GANGSTA!!! 5 star, G-shit official, yall keep puttin in work! whoever the 2 thumbs down are some hatin mafuckaz! love from the Midwest, D-SPillz... peep da channel
Double R
Always loved this one...
This shit go in ma nigga !! I love it !! =D word up. keep this shit goin. 3 Thumbs UP !!!
hamma geiles lied
im still tryina look for this to download. word up tho, yall nedda get signed by some one. I keep replayin this shit. Forreal!!
this my shit
dis 1 of da hardest songs i hav heard n a long time
Pone killed it!!!!!!
money outta biatchs nikka m.o.b.!!!!!!!!!!
Ok i see you nigga's doin ya thing ima sub you share da luv ..

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