Lost (By Pone : Kriminal Recordz) Ft. Shara Worden Pone

Kriminal Recordz Presents Pone: in "Lost" Shara Worden (enchanting) Vocals. http://twitter.com/KriminalRecordz Follow me. http://twitter.com/_Pone_ [Jedi Mind Tricks - Razorblade Salvation [feat. Shara Worden] COVER Download the new Raw & uncut Street-Tape from Pone by clicking the link below. (Free) http://www.datpiff.com/pop-mixtape-download.php?id=m583c7d1 Thanks to everybody for watching. http://www.KriminalRecordz.com/Pone

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Its al'good, the productions slick, the right boxes have been ticked, that sample is quality, but i've heard all these rapper stories man, I'm wanting a bit more out of hip hop right now. If rap turns like blues then it will take the same downturn. . . . .
Dope! Keep it up bro
Franklin Crawford
when i see rich white college kids lissenin gotta wonder who the audience is yo, glad you got this down but work it up work it up keep it out
I'm feelin' this bro. It sounds amazing.
this is dope man
good work!!!
Cool Man, Love da style. Sorry 4 da delei, was working on other chanels. Look at my new works if you want. check Dionis La Voz or Fran-G.
la version de necro est bien meilleur......
mike .sense
thaz bangin bro !!!!
Tou Her
wow impressive!!
ripping the JMT track , good hit champ dont stoop down to chump level keep it diff like the aotp and celf ked

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