Yiggy Yes Yallin' (John Wallin') - T~Rev's Debut Single - Inspired by the John Wall Dance Trevmusic

BUY THE TRACK AND RINGTONE AT http://t-rev.one3productions.com BECOME T~REV'S FACEBOOK FAN AT http://www.facebook.com/pages/TRev/158541357263?ref=ts T~Rev's debut video and single, "Yiggy Yes Yallin' (John Wallin')", is from this upcoming debut album 'Waiting All My Life', which is being released by One 3 Productions. T~Rev drew direct inspiration from the fun and positivity created by the John Wall Dance and John Wall himself and was eager to produce a track that the Big Blue Nation in Kentucky can get excited about. For more information on T~Rev, visit his website at http://t-rev.one3productions.com/ and for more information on One 3 Productions, please visit http://one3productions.com Mix by Clay Stevenson - http://claystevenson.com Beat by Trixx - http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=1005131

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This song is awesome!!!!!!!
this song is beast everthing he says is true, he does shake haters ha ha ha lol
Jessi Hopkins
ohh yeah ,,, rep-pin from Lexington , KY!
i love this song so much my nephew stops what he is doing to dance to this song if he is crying we will pull this song up and he will shut right up it is so funny!!!!!!!
that song was sic wit it!! and crazay!
haha i recognized half the places in the video :D
thats my highschool. what happend?
john wall is the king of kentucky. good luck in the nba.
reppin from LEX TOWN!!! get em wall!!!!
Carson Kerr
Love it!
Diana Martinez
You guys are great, wish u all the best !!!!!!

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