GAY CATFIGHT part 1 (Clothesline)

While enjoying St. Pattus Day I came across this amazingly hilarious fight. This went on for over 30 minutes & police finally showed up long after everyone left bc they had real problems to deal with, like people who knew how to fight.

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Raul Meza Jimenez
fucking fag niggar,,, why dont you shoot you down yourself and make the world better place 
0:20 <3 .<3
Bless you.
Bless you.
i think you need to learn something...being homosexual and someone not liking your views has nothing to do with being a racist lol
Dre H
0:47 they started playing leap frog lol
Matt Dargis
Wait, did this happen in Cincinnati?
nigga fuckin spit on a girl. bitch, spit on my face. im gay. i will knock yo teeth out.
Kayla Bilyard
bless youu lol

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