the matinee idles - 'everything' the matinee idles

'Everything' by "the matinee idles" Nominated for an IMTV award. NEW Album " a festival of colours" released in April 2014 Buy it HERE---------::: Google Play: iTunes: Bandcamp: Soundcloud: ________________________________________________ CREDITS: Kevin Barry(Copyright) Songwriter composer & producer *ARMY of ID Audio & Music Video productions *Mark Reddy Guinea Pig Studios Mixing *5th Ave Mastering for Mastering the Song. Make Up: Colette Cassidy Hair: Lorraine Browne and Ronni Morgan Post Production: Army of Id VENUE: The Stag's Head, Dublin

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Rosia Abraham
awesome music!
naina demosa
too coooool!
Licos Semon
Lozz Dino
aillaa laialla
sona rona
william Albert
so awesome!
sona singh
too good!
sara Meena
poim rets
AmP Incorporated
World class video

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