The Dark Lights - The Eye (Official) The Dark Lights

Best viewed at 1080. 'The Eye' by The Dark Lights - Written and directed by Ben Fredericks - See the "Making of" - Free Download of "The Eye" - Producer - George Garnish DOP - Alfred Thirolle Assistant Camera - Thor Assistant Editor - Virginia Lemonnier Stylist - Abigail Sutton Hair & Make Up - Tina Pachta VFX Consultant - Sean Martin Thanks to Off Broadway and Ian & Olivera for locations.

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serge poirier
Indietector Tom
And up to no. 4...Indietector Charts
stalking girls and watching them change. yeah great video :/
wow intriguing and a bit spooky! Great song....
Paul Warburton
Nice. Enjoyable watch. I never watch the whole video.
Coroner for the Police
This is a corker, love the pace
Nicola Jane Buttigieg Composer
Adelaide OldSkool Bands
nice shots of london fields. really like the song :)
the mystery works great with the song!! love all the cameos too - clever! ♡
Shape Arts
awesome work!
Krammer Vs Maurice

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