Marla Mase performing SCREAM at The Bitter End, NYC Marla Mase

Marla Mase performing SCREAM from her CD SPEAK at The Bitter End NYC, August 23, 2011. part of Harmony for Hunger: a fundraiser for with: Tomás Doncker (guitars), Booker King (bass), Heather Powell (vocals), Tobias Ralph (drums)

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Terry Craig
Great Music. cant wait to see you guys live.
Andre Luiz Vieira da Silva
i appreciate much Marla!!! much special #TheMasa50 i appreciate much too much special the best of the best must follow amazing and awesome!!! :)))*_* Much_Love Marla :)))*_* xoxoxoxo :)))*_*
Andre Luiz Vieira da Silva
Much Good.........i appreciate much with sure!!! #CONGRATULATIONS_MARLA :))) *_*

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