Marla Mase performing Standing Outside the Club and Gaping Hole @ David vs Goliath Music Festival Marla Mase

Marla Mase performing part of her spoken word peace Standing Outside the Club and Gaping Hole from A Brief Night Out at Cine-Mart NYC September 9, 2011. Part of David V Goliath Music Festival with: Tomás Doncker (guitars), Booker King (bass), Heather Powell (vocals), Tobias Ralph (drums)

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Gary Eby
Yes to your positive energy. Rock on. Peace and Light...Gary.
Bobby Nixon
you sure gave them hell Marla! good on you girl! soundin good too! Bobby_8
You have a lot of great and positive energy, very perky and zaney, also expressive, its good to know there are still people who can perform an act like this and stay true to their own temperament not only that, but also emulate and or mimic the temepraments of others
Andre Luiz Vieira da Silva
#Amazing #The_Best_Of_The_Best Much..........Good........i appreciate much with sure Much_Special :))) *_*

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