Young Duece "The Growth" YoungDuece

Music video by Young Duece (Fleaux & PRJR) performing The Growth. ©2012 Nu Theory Productions The Growth Young Duece Back From The Future ©2012 Nu Theory - Directed by Fleaux | Shot by Lance Meaux Filmed in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio // Stay up to date with Fleaux & PRJR, visit:

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AntiThot Mack
Man these dudes talented as hell whatever happened to them? Are they still doing music?
Julius Cs
flow tight, image right. visuals match the lyrics. "The Growth" is evident; if you been watching these dudes you've seen the maturation. YD 6S UP!!
Mr Pwnasty
YD PwNastY
Moha Bizourane
Bangin this in the Dorm...doin HW ....6S!
woop woop Young Duece!
Kesha B
I've been following you guys for a couple of years now and you two have definitely grown!! Really Dope track!!!! Check out my channel...Im an artist from Cincinnati as well :) Hit me up on Twitter @WhoIsKeshaB
Love it!
Edward Williams
More songs faster please. You may not wan't to be a celeb but if you keep spittin like this you're not gonna have a choice.

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