The Smiling Lies- Tonight The Smiling Lies

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This song is really awesome! You cannot be unhappy after listening to it. Good job The Smiling Lies, from a fan from Quebec!
Reminds me of Arctic Monkeys Beneath the Boardwalk
Amaranthia Doster
Passion Pit brought me here.
Samuel Brodsky
im so high right now
Carlos David
This song is a classic
Matt Whitley
I love this band. You guys are now my favorite above The Strokes, and Arctic Monkeys.
D Baby
I hope so, cuz they are awesome! If they're smart, they'll stay awesome :P
what the fuck are you talking about they dont even sound like the strokes not even a little
You guys are really good! I'm surprised that you don't have more views or a larger fanbase.
Vasily Khonichev
The song's fucking awesome!

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