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This is a song off my album THE ESSENTIAL released June 3rd, 2010

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@theNoRegionClown thanks man your stuff is great too very unique one day we will do a song together
Keep them comin Big Wil! I really enjoyed the mood of your song and video. My favorite part, is when you said "This aint generation x but generation z. some women don't do nothin but have babies. Collecting checks. Welfare is lazy." What an observation and what a way to put it. Now, I'm not against welfare. Some ppl really really need it. But I am against ppl who sit on their behinds and abuse the system. Anyway, sorry to get too deep in it. But great job brother man. ;-)
NoRegion Nitram
i always loved your music, man you got some wicked and some deep shit Amazing as always Wil!! Keep Doing what You Do!! MMFWCL ~tNc
@Sabreeus Thank you very much I hope you subscribe and share this Video with your friends once again thank you
I like this song brother, very good. Only suggestion is that you work on flowing your words together. There are a lot of breaks in your words inside the bars. Also, when you do a hook try layering it with backing vocals or make a sound that precedes the hook everytime so the listener knows it's coming. Thanks for sharing.
Oh that was so good, I felt the pain in your voice while you were rapping; I just wanted to let you know I Love your videos and I think you're doing a excellent Job, I wish U the best and I hope all your dreams will come true,keep doing you:)
@RiGolettoMicFiend thanks you for the comment the whole idea was to do that I the album has different sound so I tried something different the hook was a thought of pain in many ways that when the people here it they feel it and after knowing the song it becomes part of you but thanks for the comment
man this song is one my best from you man
Jennifer Adams
i love this song......
Sabreeus(Plus Size Fashion Designer)
I like this song and the video.
I Still love this song Wil

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