Live @ Fountain Square YoungDuece

Impossible Young Duece ©2011 Download: BAND MEMBERS ------------------------ Dominic Marino - Trombone J-Skillz - Keys Jeff Mellott - Drums Joe Duran - Sax Joe Wittman - Guitar Mauki McGruder - Trumpet Mike Walle - Bass Video captured by: Lance Meaux, Terrance Huff, Dan Gotti and Anthony Fullam Audio captured by K.C. Cadwallader Shout out to DJ E-Trayn, Skav B and all of !

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YD Love all day everyday.. #6S #NUTheory
going in lads the uk got love for you still major moves nowadays
Nothing like living a dream, congrats man.Keep climbing.
Stephan Adams
love it man
Hood Rat Bass
fir... nvm nice shit
@AbsoluteKeitha been goin on fa years baby and black cincy got the most rap an singing talent in the country we party in are clubs listening to are nati music , it go live........... madvill e said so
it's awesome
Man i think is time to go Pro already,, u both got skill
@awsumman4 iDely
omfg i miss music like this..that had this same know, you could not like hip-hop but respect and love this kind of vibe while sippin on coffee in panera's enjoying a broccoli cheddar cheese soup in a bread bowl
Jimmy Nguyen

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