THE BIRD AND THE MONKEY: Ghost: Chimera - Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian (Athene Noctua Records) BirdNTheMonkey

BAND: The Bird And The Monkey SONG: Ghost: Chimera (swan) RELEASE: "Athene Noctua" DVD Music Video sampler LABEL: Athene Noctua Records VIDEO PERFORMER: Sarahjane Swan CAMERAS: Simian & BM EDITING: Simian WEB: BAND INFO: *The Bird And The Monkey = Scottish duo, Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian *Formed in early 2010 *Songs aired on BBC Radio 1 & 6 Music *Track, "Moon Moth", used by BBC2 teen soap "The Cut" *An album's worth of music videos -- made by Swan & Simian themselves - available to view on YouTube DIRECTOR INFO: *Swan's video for TheBirdAndTheMonkey's "Do You Wanna?" screened by BBC Music Video Festival 2011 on Edinburgh Big Screen *Simian's video for DawnOfTheReplicant's "OhBumblebee" aired on MTV2 TAGS: "bird and the monkey" "sarahjane swan" "roger simian" "sarah jane swan" "music video" "athene noctua" scottish scotland indie alternative experimental underground pop electronic rock edinburgh "scottish borders" dunbar "east lothian" orkney "sonic youth" "david lynch" "pj harvey" blondie "tom waits" "tv on the radio" "patti smith" eno "the fall" "mark e smith" surrealist surreal ghost chimera

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Who needs a poltergeist around when you got Rog to knock over stuff! Brilliant song and vid. Goth is alive!
Ah, thankye most kindly, Monsieur X. And you win a special mini-poltergeist of your own for being first in there to comment in our rollover jackpot!
El Norro! Ach, well you're still the recipient of a shiny silver stalker's medal and you can console yourself with the retorical question: when did a Scotsman ever get the gold?
Loved it - thought the video captured the mood of the song perfectly. Effective but in a simple way xx
Twonkey Twonkey
i cant hear anything but i can see things my speakers are not plugged in but it looks like darnick town hall never had it so good.

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