"On The Highway" by Pennan Brae Pennan_Brae

Directed by Spool, 'On The Highway' is Pennan Brae's lead single from his 3rd release, 'Early Rise'. The video was shot in LA & Las Vegas in the Summer of 2011. The piece features talented Los Angeles actors Caitlin Bray, Liesel Kopp, Jose Rosete & Keaton Shyler. A very special thanks to Diana Vance. Spool: spool.co Caitlin Bray: imdb.com/name/nm4210711 Liesel Kopp: lieselkopp.com Jose Rosete: dynamicfilm.com/jose_rosete.html Keaton Shyler: imdb.com/name/nm2755982

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  • RunnAmucK | on August 17, 2011
    I'm diggin the video. I'd like to put it on my tv show "EAR TO THE STREETS TV" that airs in Syracuse New York, and in Brooklyn. I usually charge a 20 dollar processing fee, but i can waive it cause i hand picked the vid. I'm RunnAmucK on this site, Duane Christiani on FaceBook. Hoffa at me!


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Pennan Brae
"On The Highway" by Pennan Brae is featured on Skope Magazine ( http://skopemag.com/). Directed by Spool (www.spool.co).
P. Betsy
#Pink Betsy of featured in Auto Round-Up Magazine with regards to her trip up & down the Pacific Coast during the making of 'On The Highway' ( http://bit.ly/1087kqN). http://www.auto-roundup.com/index.php/braes-1963-buick-skylark-cruises-l-a-coast 
Pennan Brae
'On The Highway' ("On The Highway" by Pennan Brae) by Pennan Brae & directed by Spool (www.spool.co) is featured on Roger's 'Public Access TV' ( http://www.publicaccesstv.ca/) commencing Oct 2011.
Catherine Brandon
Matthew Griffin
Pennan it's nice to see you sharing talents thru great music
Joe L.
video mad fast
Brian Brady
Great car maybe we can take screenshots and make a nice wall display check out how
Amy Washington
whoa this is pretty chill! I ♥ it!
RJ Christoff
man you did it really cool
Cameron Seeley
It's so unique. I like it. You look like a Mr Nice Guy ^_^
Hann James
real good music from a promising artist

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