Lagato Shine - I Dont Need A Doctor (Official Video) lagatoshine

This video is a glance back into the stresses of life that can cause us to "breakdown". The song features background vocals by Dana Boule.

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lagato u gonna b a star keep goin hard u r def one of my fav rappers i can rele relate to ur songs
Last Run
@shl00909 appreciate the comment alot! thanks for taking time to listen!
cassidy bigham
@LastRunEntertainment ur so welcome :) ..aww i love ur lyrics ! :) :)
I was here before it was 1,000,000,000 views on tha vid ! u gonna make it LastRunEnt !
Watching this video on Video Music Box as we speak, very well done!
Killer Instincts Music
Really good video!! I like this a lot. - Button Pusher
@LastRunEntertainment u got any mixtape or somethin of lagato ?
Last Run
@Akseldr no doubt! appreciate it! we working hard!
Wordz AhGod
Feeling this track.. beat and lyrics go equally hard bruh.. dope shit.. nice style
hope u will be the next big thing , u def can spit!

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