Rome Cee - By Your Side Rome Cee

Artist: Rome Cee Produced By: E Hill Album: The Extra Mile Label: Under Sound Music Website: And Under Sound Music production. Rome Cee's first single "By Your Side" from his forth coming album "The Extra Mile."

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michelle williston
hey sexy I like your videos´╗┐
Baltimore in the house, keeping it mad real...we need more like this. Proof that real hip hop still exists!
Antique Terrestrial
@DexBeats Baltimore, MD
@BrotherChimaobi respect and love.
@THEANSWER28 Props to E Major@Under Sound Music for doing an incredible job shooting, directing and editing a masterpeice!
dylan graham
so dope man, i would love to work with an mc like this
Coal White
@rulingclasselite Peace fam. First off, anyone who grabs the mic enters an agreement with the listener 'I will spit my game, and you will tell me what you think'. And me as a listener, I take great offense when I hear him using a word that disrespects our race. That is my prerogative as not only a listener, but as a father and black/Afrikan man. And why you call it "dissing" him, why I can't I just be dropping criticism and giving my opinion? He's a grown man, he can handle it :) Much respect.
good shit...keep it real
Dope. That's all I have to say.
BIG Feeling it Fam
Dex Beats
Trust. Where you from Rome?

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