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Entity is a musical group that fuses the genres of Hip-hop and R&B/Soul. The easiest and most profound way to describe the sounds of ENTITY is to imagine the blend of melodic, soulful singing, meshed with the rawness of true hip-hop style, flavor, and lyrical content. There is no doubt that Entity has the ability to hold their own. Homage and Gabrielle are not featuring on each others songs; they have strategically arranged each record to maintain a unique sound that is skillfully blended into a seamless flow.

The two artists have always enjoyed each others style of music and decided to fuse them together. They made record after record, from "APPROACH", to "Overwhelmed". Together the two continued to participate in every local event and talent showcase presented. This is where they honed their presentation skills and craft. Inspired by the people, Entity developed a performance based on exciting the audience.

Currently Entity is focused on making the appropriate moves to further their career on an international scale. They are constantly building a strong network and fan base electronically, in and outside of their community. They are being played on web, college, and local radio stations. They are linked to DJ's locally and abroad. Entity's network stretches from the US, to Canada, UK and Japan and is still growing. They are also responsible for putting their own events and showcases together and are looking forward to touring.

Entity is more than just an eclectic musical outfit, but will become a household name. With two genres intertwined into one, Entity is a group that has their own distinct sound. Entity is the next innovative group to hit the music scene.

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