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  Do you believe in Santa? What about elves? Everybody's gotta believe in something and Robby The Elf reminds us to recognize. Born half elf on his mama's side and raised in an elf colony, now Robby is a rare elf living among people. Robby The Elf is a cool elf. He's the original pimp elf indeed. Robby has had his own share of life's lessons which he shares in his music. The innovator of a new genre called Christmas Crunk which blends the banging beats of hip-hop with the holidays creating a unique balance that's clean, yet jammingly entertaining. Real rap, real funny, & Christmas.
Robby The Elf is believed to have been recording his debut album in the upstate of South Carolina. Reports indicate Robby has been performing, on television talk shows, promotions, churches, and charities. Yes, Robby The Elf gives back.
Now Robby's an elf underground. Beating the streets 'cause nobodys' gonna give an elf a record deal just because he knows Santa. And Robby The Elf has huge ambition. He's here to spell the message about the repression of elves. Robby wants everyone in the world to hear his music so someday, every child each Christmas eve will also leave, a cookie for an elf.

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