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 ISWHAT?! started out in 1996 as a renegade hip-hop trio, focusing on live
performances, but instead of only saluting rap pioneers, the group connects
Hip-hop with free-jazz, rock and soul in a unique way.

The crew is:
Napoleon"Solo"Maddox: Frontman & Beatboxer
Jack Walker: Tenor Sax, Flute & Rap (in the style of a Isaac Hayes &
Barry White)
Cocheme'a Gastulem: Alto Sax & Effects
Brent Olds: Bass & Effects
and the infamous drumming of the great Hamid Drake..
These ingredients blend well to create the aromatic flavor of Big Appetite, the newest release in the ISWHAT?! catalog

The ISWHAT?! release, "Big Appetite" is more than a collection of delicious audio treats.
It's a diary ... a chronicle of lust, desire, greed and hunger.
"Big Appetite" explores the possibility of what happens on this planet
when people don't
get what they need.

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