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TAMALANEH, who’s birth name is Anjelle Hoxie, is a 27 year old female R&B artist whose music is a cross between the Old School and New School R&B genre with soul and unique hooks. She is said to remind many of Mary J Blige, Brandy and India Irie.

Tamalaneh started off singing Anita Baker songs at the age of 3 years old, but since have grown to love and have respect for many other phenomenal artists in various genres of music. Her experiences includes Vocal Training at the age of 10, Glee Club and High School Choir participation, and Live Performances in local Venues.
Tamalaneh has since become a favorite to her local area when it comes down to music professionals needing a good female vocalist to do vocal work in the recording studio. She is also called upon on many occasions to come and sit in with other live performers to render her lead and background vocals before a live audience.

Tamalaneh is a sensation to listen to. Her vocal ability delivers a smooth sound with accurate pitch control, both in studio and live settings. Her gift to harmonize is second to no one, and her ability to accurately deliver the goods the first time around keeps studio engineers from having to use any pitch correct. She is definitely a studio favorite!

Tamalaneh has displayed her versatility in a big way on her Debut Album Release "I Now You're Gonna Like This. So now after having both a single and album release under her belt, she can now secure that claim that some have put on her, "The New Rnb Sensation: Tamalaneh!"

"Music is my passion, my life and my hope for the future... I must give it my all and all!"

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