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Joeii Lee (( Scarr Boy )) Cruz was born October 29. The First Born and only son of Judith and Luis Cruz. He is of Puerto Rican descent and is 6 years senior to his younger sister. He was born in St Vincents hospital in Staten Island, Ny. Joeii was partially raised in NY until he reached the age of Twelve, Then an unfortunate traumatic experience with the family pit bull terrier rendered Joeii severely disfigured. The attack happened February 2nd of 2002 (02/02/02) in the morning. Joeii and his younger sister were up watching television and discovered the dog was on the bed his sister sleeps on. Joeii began to try to remove the dog off the bed after seeing the pit bull's growl towards his younger sister and try to attack. Joeii pushed the dog into the bed post before the dog could reach his sister and ended up getting mauled in the process, saving his baby sister the traumatic impact of disfigurement, Throughout the duration he suffered over five hundred and seven six (576) stitches to his face. The dog grabbed him by the face locked his jaws then jumped off the bed pulled back and completely ripped of 97 % of his face. Luis Cruz ..Joeii's Father heard Judy his wife screaming in horror then leaped into the room to pry open the jaws of the attacking terrier, He then got control of the situation, removed the pit bull from the area, and attended to his son and his very serious serious wounds.The emergency Medical Techs arrived then all was in the hands of the surgeons, nurses and medicine. "We were very lucky not to lose Joeii to this incident " stated his parents. The walk has been a long one and still he is in the process of facial reconstruction. Mrs.Lockhart Joeii's 2ND grade teacher/community activist and great friend of the family contacted the" Make a wish foundation and they stepped up and produced Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to meet Joeii at the boardwalk hall Atlantic city NJ, in the summer of 2003. There he was privileged to meet the backstage and other wrestlers. Even Martial Artist/Actor Jackie Chan heard of Joeii and sent him a glossy 8.5 x 11 auto graphed picture with a message, Joeii's story became more and more relevant in the community and before you knew it even musical group B2K also called the house to give Joeii well recovery wishes on the phone. The make a wish foundation even produced tickets to see the NY Rangers where they put his name in lights and officially welcomed him as a "Special Guest". He was a celebrity for the time and all that time he was still disfigured and awaiting his next confirmation protocol, for surgery. Then world re-known & sports famous boxing analyst & former Tyson trainer/Coach Teddy Atlas heard of Joeii and incorporated Joeii into the Teddy Atlas foundation.This foundation was originated by Teddy Atlas's blessed late dad and is still in operation today. It was designed for underprivileged children whom suffered traumatic accident experiences or illnesses. Thanks to Teddy his foundation has offered to pay all expenses for Joeii's recovery. He is a wonderful great and admirable person of stand up charisma and character and a great friend of Joeii's. Despite the agonies and struggles in the year of 2003 the Cruz family relocated to east Stroudsburg, Pa and purchased a home in the private community and decided to start fresh with new aspirations, There Joeii's passion and drive for rap/hip hop music expanded. He started to transition his pains into a craft. Joeii's unorthodox style of writing and flow astonished and surprised his friends at school and he would succumb to rap battles and would be victorious. Through out the years Joeii self taught himself how to engineer the booth, create his own instrumentals, sing , make music videos and edit them all. In his studio he works with his own clients and some of his entourage for their next track on their music cd. there is no doubt that this strongly driven young articulate motivated artist will one day pave his own way into the music industry and take it by storm because he is not only a survivor but his charisma charm and drive motivates him and empowers his aim to be one of the memorable ones in hip hop music. Over the last year Joeii "Scarr Boy " dropped a mixtape cd with Bonus features of " Lil Flip & Mariah Carey " called "Reason Thru Face". To collaborate with Scarr Boy hit up his email (Business Only)

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