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 Mission statement: PUSH AGAINST ALL ODDS  
The name it's self should speak volume , this company lives by the creative rules of music promising to never hold back but to push for and be the greatest at what is ahead .
Coming from a city where talent is always over looked push records gives Artists direction, development and education about the music industries, money is not everything, what good is a and individual if the are not prepared for what lies ahead, better compared to a soldier going to war with no armor .  A golden opportunity is the knowledge one is given to be successful.
The key components of artist development are:
Organization: taking the time to understand the artist and his or her personal goals , finding out why they want to do music, what type of music do they want to do , what will the music be about , and what demographic they hope to reach .
Preparation: taking the information gathered from organizing the goals of the artist and planning and executing each project one step at a time.        
Creativity: allowing the artist to freely be expressive through their music, it's easier to give direction if you know where they are coming from. This also gives perfect opportunity to see how developed your artist is.
Recording: an emerging artist learns best when they are able to identify their own mistakes and can positively look at all criticism as a chance to improve their art. When in the studio recording you can play back errors made and fix them , however in live performances that is not possible through studio recordings artist have learned once they have recorded the right sound the can practice it over and over again they achieve greater success through live performances with a lot of practice.
Performing: is an ongoing process no matter what stage an artist is at in their career , performances will change along they way and will always need to be enhanced based on the type of entertainment that one may need to be provide . An artist should start performing from day one they, need to build up a comfort zone of performing on the spot and giving it their all no matter what.
The history of push records
This label is more then words on a paper I live by and support the beliefs and goals that I have for this company (I have developed the perfect antidote through the passion that surrounds my perseverance to push against all odds) I have chosen to work with an elite group of driven and self-motivated individuals who are affiliated with some of the industries best singers and musicians located right here in Toronto. Toronto has always been overlooked and often left out when it comes to the list of the worlds best. Through push records this will not happen again .

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