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Laurier Tiernan is a French-Canadian singer-songwriter. He was born with Marfan Syndrome; a genetic malformation that causes an often fatal heart condition. On March 6th, 2008, he almost died when his aorta suddenly started rupturing. Luckily, he was rushed into emergency surgery, and when he woke up afterwards, suddenly knew that he could reach all of his goals if he set about them fearlessly and steadfastly. Since then, his latest demo has been played extensively on radio stations world wide and his video for "The End of the World" has entered the top 10 at The full album, "Peace on Earth" was released September 11th, 2010 on Prograde Trax (Japan). It is now available on iTunes and all major online retailers. The first video for that album, directed by Bora Mustafa, is now visible on YouTube and is soon to be broadcast on TV stations worldwide. He plays a Silent Guitar ™ as an endorsement from Yamaha.

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