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Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
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I started in music when I was 5 years old singing with my mom and playing piano with my dad he plays jazz trumpet I loved music and I was good at it. when I was 11 I started taking classes at CCM (the collage conservatory of music)in Cincinnati by the time I was 12 I auditioned for the school of creative and performing arts S.C.P.A. for short there I was in acting,chior,stage tec,and acting for camera. but life wasn't all fun and music my family and I lived in the worst hood in Cincinnati over the rine and being a red headed Jewish white boy didn't make this easy I got into all kinds of crazy shit just to survive but I’m not going to get into all that shit I think I’ll pleed the 5th right here ya dig when I was 19 I met my wife and we moved to our first place where our new next door neighbor was a producer now I had been rapping for 6 years at this point and I always wanted to make my own beats so I started spending like every day at this dudes house watching and learning and soon enough I was making some of the hottest shit to ever come out of his studio he even gave me some cool equipment and some studio recording programs and I have been nonstop with them ever since to date there isn't any piece of studio equipment I can't use I have produced over 200 tracks 7 albums and 4568 beats and still counting. Although I’m a rapper I love all music and can make an instrumental in any style and have even invented some new forms of fusion myself. Over all music is my life from day one it has been a long and interesting journey and I don't see it being over anytime soon.

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SpokenFan | on November 10, 2011

Kidd....Im back!

gullyjewelz | on March 18, 2011

gullyjewelz | on March 18, 2011


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