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JOHNY SEEDZ was born and raised in Hollis Queens N.Y.C. Johny Seedz is no stranger to the scene. He’s worked with such greats as the late Jam Master Jay, and is the Nephew of hip hop legend MC Lyte. Johny Seedz released the Born To Die Mixtape in 2008 to critical success. He has done promotions with both TVT Records and BME Recordings. He was siged with R.A.L. Def Jam Records in 1993 under Terry Marshall utill he was the arrested. Seedz has been prominantly featured on mixtapes and compilations from coast to coast. Johny Seedz upcoming album, 4ME2DIENOWIZ2EZ, chronicals his move from Hollis Queens N.Y., to Southside Spartanburg, South Carolina, as well as his four 1/2 year incarceration. Seedz, was then released in 2003 & STILL is a lyricist in the purest sense of the word. Whether he is turning out club bangers like “Return of the Ledgend”, "Bust It Wide Open", or “Yeah”, speaking to the ladies in “Chocolate Angel”, All I Ask Of U","Lil Momma", & "Street Life". Or letting listeners inside his head with songs like “Diary of a Madman”, "This Is Me", Feet On The Ground", & "Crazy", Johny Seedz is a Mc that SHOULD NOT be tooken lightly. He always speaks truth with a flow reminisant of Tupac, Scare Face, and the late Notorious B.I.G. In a world where rappers rely on dance moves and gimmicks, Johny Seedz is a welcome change, & breath of fresh air, an MC who relys soley on his talent and passion!

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