Irvan Scott

joined: Jan 26, 2010
albums: 2
videos: 0
songs: 27
views: 296
fans: 14
Genre: New Age
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Irvan Scott - Producer, singer, rapper all around artist, born in D.C, S.E typical from the Hood story, public housing, Lost my older brother to gun violence just recently lost my father last year but still on the grind doing what keeps me happy and on my path. I have an open mind to ALL various types of music and I'm easy to work with if you know your craft or just have an awesome ear for music....but I'm not going to talk your ears off, just enjoys the music MUCH LOVE!!!! BLESSINGS!!!

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Irvan Scott
Irvan Scott | on May 20, 2012

Much Love !!! :)

danielhelms | on May 19, 2012

Great music my friend!


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