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I,Star, the Asheville, NC based folk-hop band of singer/songwriter Aradhana Silvermoon and emcee/poet TruthI Manifest, is the result of love and music overlapping to create a style that thrives on the best of both worlds. A master wordsmith, TruthI brings wisdom and poetic genius to his sculpted lyrics, while Silvermoon delivers angelic melodies with sensitivity and passion, constructing the rhythms in her unique acoustic guitar style. Their balanced yin-yang dynamic allows for brilliant songwriting, electric harmonies and a playful and bright stage presence. Their first album together, “Music and the Mood,” a bold, eclectic collection of songs demonstrating their original fusion style was released mid-2011.

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  • @mone in through the nose and let it out, the breath of life is what we talkin bout... peace

    on March 27, 2012


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