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 Singer/songwriter Graham Alexander is proud to have introduced his authentic and honest rebirth of Rock and Roll music. With over a decade of professional music under his belt, Graham is ready to take the world by storm. He is currently rehearsing to start a tour for a number of promotional and public events with his band.

Graham's first foray into music began not unlike many other budding musicians. He formed a band which eventually became "The Roadrunners" and began touring while building a following through the New York City and Philadelphia live music circuit. In addition, Graham wrote or co- wrote most of the compositions on both of their released albums, "The Roadrunners: Cellar Sessions" (2003) and "Breakaway" (2006), which were released through an indie label deal in an agreement signed when the group's median age was 16. The group parted ways as Graham moved onto his own songwriting for not only solo projects but also work for other performers and bands. Along with penning soundtrack material for Emmy-award winning director Ken Sheil, Graham has also lent a hand to a number of music videos, television shows, films, and video games. Graham has toured the world and played alongside groups such as Badfinger, Spencer Davis Group, Blood Sweat and Tears, The Smithereens, The Hollies, Peter Noone, America, and James Taylor. Most recently, Graham appeared on Broadway for (150 performances) and worldwide in the show 'RAIN', gaining huge audience appreciation and standing ovations at every performance.

While still performing on Broadway, Graham released his debut EP 'Graham Alexander, Vol. 1' the first week of July in 2011. The selection of songs proudly made its debut on terrestrial radio later that week on XPN (NPR) in Graham's home city of Philadelphia with consistent airplay throughout the summer.

After the buzz from the release of the EP, Graham's focus went toward finishing his highly anticipated debut album. In December of 2011, Graham Alexander's self titled full length album was finally released to wide acclaim. Within a few weeks, the song "Biggest Fan" was featured at #6 on Spotify's "Top Tracks from 2011 - Picked by Users" playlist which generated buzz and strengthened his already strong following of fans from all over the world.

In celebration of the release of his debut album, Graham Alexander gave a sold out performance Headlining the 'World Cafe Live' in Philadelphia, PA and expects to allow fans from all over to relive that experience with the release of a live concert film from the event, available soon.

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ividztv | on June 18, 2012

You guys sound great! Keep it up!


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