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DJ Name: Kai
Years as a DJ: 22 years

Styles I Play: Dubstep, House, Drumfunk(Drum&Bass), House, Techno.

Other details:
As a Kid i always loved Music, my mom was a singer and my older brothers play violin, I played the Piano when i was about 7 or 8.Went to my First Rave or underground party in 1992.It was in Baltimore MD. and after that party, i was hooked! started buying records, mix tapes and CD's like crazy! Went to a shop here in Baltimore called Modern Music and there is where my under ground music Education Begin. Started mix on vinyl and moved to Pioneer CDJ 500's in 1996 when they first came out.

Did a lot of my own party's with friends from 94-99. at that time i was part of a Crew called FOUND.
Crew was made of about 10 DJ's of varying styles of music. House, Techno, Hardcore and Drum and Bass.

The First mix tapes i made where Tekno and Drum and Bass. Drum and Bass is my Heart though .
I specialize in drum funk the sub genre of Drum and bass and i play a lot of moombahton,uk funky,Tekno & Dubstep these days.

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