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It would serve as a hopeless effort to try and find a word that would effectively describe DFitz. Gazing at her shelf of many hats, she would
prove to be one of the few ladies heir to the top spot in the overall entertainment industry. "Serenity first, brilliance second, and beauty third" has been the motto keeping DFitz in line. It would be this foundation that would be able to explain just how this young woman continues to impress all those that she comes in contact with.

Growing up in a military household, it was important to maintain a certain discipline about life and her personal beliefs. Her childhood consisted of relocating every two years, however it developed a skill many do not posses; the ability to adapt. DFitz was exposed to many different cultures and many personalities during her grade school years. Due to being the "new girl" in school majority of the time, she developed ways to quickly gain the liking of her peers. "Make them laugh". Though DFitz would today admit she went above and beyond to not be an "outcast", she would note that time of her life as the reason she excels in entertainment today.

Growing up in the Fitzpatrick household, it was important that DFitz and her sisters be the best at any activities they were apart of. DFitz excelled in whatever she joined most notable her career in track and field. Her achievements in high school in the sport gained her a scholarship to Alabama State University in Montgomery, AL. After her years in college she left with a computer science degree and headed for Charlotte, NC. The move to North Carolina was random, but she was sure that this is where she wanted to start her career...in computer software engineering.

DFitz was always known for being in the spotlight whether it was in her writing, drama club, in sports, in church, and public speaking, yet she convinced herself that she would rather take the safe road ( a road that she never travelled) and settle into corporate America. Upon moving to Charlotte, DFitz was offered the opportunity to work for Microsoft, upon following through with the opportunity, she decided against it. She saw her youth and baggage less life as a better opportunity to persue her longtime dream of entertainment. She wanted to write, act, model, rap, host and do anything that required her to speak in front of large crowds. And that's what she did.

Since that time, she quickly rose to the top of the Charlotte, NC entertainment platform. Her resume is quite impressive including being the author of a popular inspirational blog "Jesus Cousin", a recording artist, a Internet radio personality, and a popular event host. She continues to whoa her audience with her charisma and her beauty. One could only expect more from her.

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