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Blurb about Christine Rose

 I was born in the south of France, in Marseille, from a Parisian mother and from a father born in Marseille, with Italian origins. I am the result of a mixing, as most of people in the world are. I wrote my first song at the age of eleven years old, my song named “Superman is my hero”, it was funny and childish, when I memorized those moments it brings me smile to my lips.
My first step in my first band
At the age of fourteen years old, I sang with my brothers and my sister in a band they created,” Ire Ys” I’ve always wondered why they named it Ire Ys, after realized they chose the wrong name, they finally changed into, California because of the song “The hotel California” from Eagles, I also sang this song in our concerts, but the first song they wanted me to sing, was a Beatles’ song “Let it be.
My voice was very deep for a young girl, but I sang in a deep voice from my youngest age, that’s why I sang songs from guys in the band. I remember a duet with one of my big Brother I made, I was seventeen, my brother almost twenty seven years old he also was the drummer in the band and sang beautifully.
It was in 1983 the year where Paul Mc Cartney and Michael Jackson sang the duet “Say say say”, my brother sang Paul Mc Cartney’s part and I sang Michael Jackson’s part, so I decided to take the ladder to reach the higher notes ”   my own expression to say I worked hard to sing high” it was so cool, but it was also the last duet we made together, the last song I sang in the band too, because I had to left them to audition in professional band.

Without the family

The reason I broke with the band California, was because I wanted to prove to myself and to my family that I was not a little girl anymore, I wanted more, I needed more, so after auditioned successfully, I was hired in a professional band. But the incredible things happened few years later, my brothers and my sister finally influenced me to bring me back in their band, I sang again with them few months, until they decided to stop  definitively with the band, so it was the final curtain for “California”. But I did not stay longer without job; I had to work, and do other auditions and performed in different bands as female singer for few years. But my passion for create music was growing increasingly into my mind and my wishes was to write my own music, I needed to create , it was on the top of my priority list, my own songs were to be realized but never recorded until now, and I had to find the way to make my dreams come true.

Live your dream

But as many dreams, it was not enough to have dreams, but the most important was to make
my dreams come true, believe me or not, it took so many years for me to live my dreams, express myself with my own music was a long path for me, but I’ve always believed that if you have enough faith in your heart, you can reach the stars, no matter the time it takes, and  if I have to give advises to all people or the artists who want to success in their life, believe in you and keep the faith alive in your heart, never let you wishes broken.
My inspirations
I had many artists, who inspired me, but the first for me was Michael Jackson, I admired him, he will stay my role model the only king to my heart. I listened to much different style of music and bands from Culture Club, to Duran Duran, Cock Robin, Earth Win and Fire, Kool and the Gang, Bee Gees and many other good bands. As a female singer Madonna inspired me when I was a teen, but Tina Turner was my tigress singer, I love Tina she is beautiful woman, her voice, her talent, her strength gave me lot of inspirations as well.

My experience as a coaching

I sang in different bands until at the age of twenty six years old. When the music takes you, you can feel your body and spirit soaring over you, hugging, wrapping so tight, and sometimes nine month later the soaring and all the fusions, brought between your arms a sweet mixing of singer and musician; a baby born from love of two artists in love each other, in love with music. After our baby born, I created singing workshop for adults, teens, and children but I also received disabled people in my workshop, they gave and taught me a lot about life first of all, being humble and patient, I wish one day I could give them more than I gave them, It was so wonderful to share all my music experience with those extraordinary people, it was a fulfilling sharing.

From the Big Band Jazz to my own Band
I sang Jazz music in a Big bang of Jazz of twenty two musicians I stayed in this band ten years, at the same time I was in the big band, I wrote music and lyrics and later I took the decision to stopped with the Big Band Jazz, creating my own Band “Chris’s Melody” I know it’s not an original name but this is it.
 I scheduled touring for my band creating my own Show agency, for the touring shows. in 2000 I created a musical for children called” The Christmas Fairy” I played it on stage from 2004 to December 2006.

Now is my” Dreams”

I called all my songs dreams even though they have different titles. I don’t think dreams are juts illusions they are the reflection of your deepest desires, I don’t want to talk about nightmares but only about lighted Dreams you know those guidance Dreams made for showing you the right way in your life, just for giving you the chance to share your experiences to the world, your Dreams, because Dreams it’s you, Dreams it’s me; Christine Rose. Let’s dream together and make your dreams come true, live your Dreams and make them come true.

Christine Rose

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TC Eckstein, Vocalese
TC Eckstein, Vocalese | on July 29, 2013


Yolanda R
Yolanda R | on June 20, 2012

Your newest song "Don't Go Away" Club Mix reminds me a little of some of Annie Lennox's best dance songs. Nice remix!!

Yolanda R
Yolanda R | on June 20, 2012

You are such a sincere, heartfelt singer with a unique voice. Your voice is reminiscent of CeCe Peniston and has a nice richness to it. Your music feels very good!

ividztv | on June 18, 2012

You sound great Christine! If you are interested, we would like for you to post your music videos to our site at There is no charge to do so and the world can see your videos for free! We are an upcoming music videos site hoping to change the way people listen to their music. If you have any questions or need anything feel free to reach us through indiebychoice or at - We wish you all the luck and hope to see you on our site :)

Christine Rose
Christine Rose | on April 28, 2012

Aww thank you, Donna Summer is a great artist, I feel honored about the comparison, wish you a blessing day.

wyrwolf | on April 27, 2012

Reminds me very much of Donna Summer - her album flip-sides where she showcased her vocal talent.


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