Cargo 1Dirtbagg

joined: Apr 14, 2010
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Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

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Cargo #1 Dirtbagg grew up in the infamous Walnut Hills, a Cincinnati, Ohio neighborhood. His childhood was typical for a poor ghetto youth in the Midwest and he was raised in a family of hustlers and exposed to hard times 24 hours a day. “Being from the hood, things like hustling will come your way leaving you with no other choice but to get your grind on”, says #1 Dirtbagg. Everybody in my family struggled in some kind of way. Ironically, struggling/hustling is what ultimately led #1 Dirtbagg to a promising rap career. Cargo started out in 1997 with his cousin and mentor Darryl B, and his longtime friend now manager Timeko Hall with All Net Records under Tyrone Hill. In 2000 All Net closed its doors and all the artists’ went their separate ways causing KatRag Records to be established. He has performed at a variety of different clubs/venues. He also has opened up for various artists' like Rick Ross, Juvenile, etc. #1 Dirtbagg along with KatRag Record affiliates has helped organize and orchestrate one of the only Stop The Violence Summer Jamm concerts in Eden Park at the Season Good Pavilion for the past 5 years. In November 2010 he dropped his hit single Alien which is one of the most requested songs in the city. You can catch 3 of #1 Dirtbagg's songs (My City My Town, Shinobi, & Forever Thuggin') in rotation at WAIF, 88.3fm B Boys Underground radio show with DJ Skandal every Friday from 1am-4am, also in rotation on Cincinnati Conscience with Jai All Day. If the past 14 years have shown us anything about #1 Dirtbagg, it's that he never slows down, and the upcoming release of his latest album, Prescription Refill, is sure to open a new chapter in #1 Dirtbagg's career and build on the legacy he's quickly establishing for himself, his daughter Jasmyn Jakailah, his family, KatRag Records, Reallionaire Legacy, McClure Management, and last but not least his fans because without your loyalty there's no #1 Dirtbagg. A New Star is Born and the Alien Saga continues…

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Ms Jmee
Ms Jmee | on March 19, 2011

Your music is great especially the Alien song I heard....


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