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   His music is raw, honest, always real. Just as straight ahead is his attitude to that music. A lyrical poet of the first order and riseing star in the Hip Hop community ,               T. Beasty lays it on the line, no-holds-barred: "I don't go for the trendy commercial approach. What I do is real Hip Hop street music - no frills added." 
   The international record-buying public found that out when they turned Beasty's 2010 debut "Jetti Walk" into a global favorite, spurred by the success of "Beasty Da Boss (The mix Tape)," an Indie hit, that T. Beasty would continue to keep it real was without question: what the eager audience he created discovered was that this multi-talented rapper, songwriter, musician and producer's last work, Im Gone Shine went even deeper lyrically than its much-loved predecessor “Jetti Walk.”

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