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Blurb about Ascent

Ascent is a progressive, alternative, original duo, influenced by progressive, blues, and rock music. Each Ascent recording possesses its own unique character, encompassing acoustic beauty, electronic textures, melodic simplicity, and orchestral complexity.

Ascent’s sound is truly unique transcending age, cultures, and stereotypes.  Ascent embraces beauty, tragedy, triumph, and sorrow through experimental and melodic music.

Bruce Baldwin – Acoustic Guitar (6-string and 12-string)/Electric Guitar/Bass/HandSonic Electronic Drum/Lyricist/Composer

Bruce is the primary writer of both music and lyrics in this duo. Bruce’s musical style bridges progressive, jazz, and rock music genres. His guitar playing is characterized by unique, propulsive rhythms, the result of years of experience as a drummer. Bruce composes without restraints, giving way to insightful lyrics and melodic, unique arrangements.

Christina Baldwin - Lead Vocalist/Lyricist

Christina’s potent, melodic vocal style is heavily influenced by progressive, blues, and rock music genres. Christina’s poignant vocals are passionate, haunting, and inspirational. Christina’s dark, turbulent lyrics emphasize Bruce’s enigmatic and unique composition.

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