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This one-man zeitgeist, pulls together an array of music styles from power pop and electronic to Paul Weller/Style Council-esque mod. There\'s an easy breezy feeling to the music & lyrics. Underneath is a serious mood & message even more profound than one might expect. Since 2004 Lyrd has been nearly fully paralyzed. Nevertheless, he has pulled together the strength, eventually regaining use of his arm & writing poetry to help his rehabilitation. This led to making music. Music has become something special for Lyrd, both as a tool for dealing with his personal physical trauma and for reaching out across the world to share his message of hope. In the process both rediscovering himself as a person & developing as an artist. All the music is computer generated but instead of going for the typical electronic sound Lyrd is more interested in creating music that sounds and feels live. Lyrd incorporates the sounds of guitars, bass, piano & drums for something that wouldn\'t sound out of place on a pop radio station coming up behind a tune by Oasis. Aided in part by excellent keyboard breaks, guitar solos & even background vocals the outcome is another testament of strength, as the music goes unaffected by the daily physical challenges which he faces. It\'s very impressive to say the least. Aron Lyrd (self-titled album) includes some previously released songs which may be of lower quality then the more recently written works. However, this is meant to showcase how far Lyrd has developed as an artist. You will enjoy the range of styles and mix of song selections. "Everyone Loves An Event" is a piano intensive highlight, that even features the use of the cowbell. "Shadows On Me” ROCKS, right down to the vocals. The country feel is undeniable when listening to the rock ballad "hey, hey”. There is even a little something for disco funk jam fans! If you are a fan of Oasis, then you’ll love “Day Dreams”. Lyrd\'s music shows how great art can come out of a potentially bad situation. There is beauty and healing in expression this project proves that.

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