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4th Tribe Entertainment LLC is the Company that will make a new covenant with Black music! 4th Tribe Entertainment is headed by the Dynamic artist "Author H. Bombz!" whose New Album YAH R.A.P. will  change the way the world looks at conscince Hip Hop music. 4th Tribe has artist from many genres; Hip Hop, R&B/Neo Soul, Spoken Word, and Jazz. All of are Artist Glorify and Praise YAHWEH the creator of All and personal GOD of YisraEL the so called African American people. 4th Tribe will release 3 new albums in the next 12 months by Y.I.S! (YAH Is Supreme) entilted Babylon Saga: The Album! is the next to drop this Record will do for Independent Rappers what Ready to Die did for Bad Boy Ent. Y.I.S is a unmatchable lyricist and has an hypnotizing flow tha will move the hardest of crowds. Keturah the Neo soul Jazz singer will release he EP: Safiyah RaphaEL shortly after Bablylon Saga the Album, and there hasn't been a vocalist such as Keturah since Nina Simone! 4th Tribe's CEO, Founder, and President I.M. YisraEL aka Author H. Bombz is experinced in the music world and a serious fan of music he and the rest of 4th Tribe know what the listeners want to hear and 4th Tribe is here to provide the ears with a different sound and a uplifitng message to our people! 

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CEDES | on September 02, 2010

Hey thanks for stopping by:)


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